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ilmenite rutile zircon separating plant
2015/4/26 0:00:00

Ilmenite is always together with magnetite, rutile, zircon, tin, tantlum ect. Our flowsheet is designed for separating the ilmenite, rutile, magnetite, zircon. 

Ta-Nb, Zircon and Tin are heavy minerals, so here we need the gravity separation. Gravity separation methods such as centrifugal separation using spirals are used to separate the heavy minerals from the sand. The individual minerals may then be separated by way of their different magnetic and electrostatic behaviour. 


Ta-Nb ore is week magnetic, Zircon ore is nonmagnetic and non-conductive, Tin ore is nonmagnetic but conductive, that means we can adopt magnetic separation and electric separation.


No Chemicals are used to produce in the proecss. The process uses electricity and water, the water can be recycled using a reservoir system.