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Shaking table
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Shaking table is our key products; we get 30 years production history. It’s also been called shaker table, 6-s shaking table, concentration table, gold shaking table, gold separating table, gold refining table, shaking table concentrator. The shaking table is widely used in gold concentrating , tungsten & wolfram concentrating, coltan & columbite separating, tin & cassiterite processing, chrome, zircon, garnet, ilmenite, monazite separating, which gets a high concentration ratio and high recovery rate. And we have special designed different kinds of shaking tables, such as gold shaking table, tungsten shaking table, wolfram shaker table, shaking table for coltan, tin shaking table, cassiterite shaker table, shaking table for zircon, shaking table for columbite. There are two series: one is 6-S shaking table which is used for industrial use, and the other is LY series shaking table, which is used for laboratory test or small scare mining. All of our shaking tables complies of CE and GB standard. The shaking table consisted of table deck, feeding chute, gear box, electric motor and frame. The deck is made by fiber glass reinforce plastic, while the feeding chute is normally made by wood. Our JXSC brand shaking table get a well-know reputation of high quality, easy installation, and good performance. With 30 years of manufacturing experience, we know how to provide a shaking table to meet our customer’s special requirement. And we insist in providing high end products instead of lower the quality to penetrate the market. Regarding the installation and commissioning of shaking table, first of all, the basement should be leveled and steady, to prevent the moving of the frame. Before operating, the angle of the deck should be adjusted about 3-5°, feeding chute side up; and the gear box should lubricated with engine oil, and check if the oil pump is working; the supporting plate for the deck should be at the centre position. For the shaking table operating, feeding amount and water adding amount should be adjusted and set according to the separating effect, and then set the collecting funnel. Other type of shaking table ,Please check the link below: http://www.walkermining.com/shaking-table/
Jig separator
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Jig separator is one of the most popular gravity mining machine, it’s also been called jig concentrator, jig separating machine, jig concentrating machine, separating jigs, jig machine, jig mining equipment, concentrating jig, coltan jig, gold separating jig, diamond jig, pulsating jig, double chamber jig. Wet get two series jig separator, one is JT series, and the other is AM series. The JT series jig is the latest model, which is energy & water saving jigs, it’s could be used in gold separating, coltan washing, columbite concentrating, manganese upgrading, iron ore processing, tungsten concentrating, wolfram separating, tin & cassiterite mining, diamond selecting, antimony separating. While the AM series jigs are traditional type jigs, which could process big size particles. Our engineer have innovated a JT jig which could processing big particles minerals, which has been proved very effective in manganese mining in China, and alluvial coltan mining in Uganda, the concentrate ratio and efficiency is very high. The jig separator consisted of frame, motor, transmission box, diaphragm and screen. The diaphragm and screen is wearing parts, the screen need to be changed in one or two month according to the operating hours and feeding size; the diaphragm should be changed in one year. And also we need to pay attention to the transmission box, there’s a essential shaft, while the feeding amount is always high, it’s will be wore out quickly. The installation of the jigs is easy, find a leveled place and make concrete basement for the jigs, use setscrew or concrete to fix the jig on the basement; the screen should be well settled by the wood piece, make sure the pressure water will not push it up. For the jig operating, we need pay attention to the pressure water, the feeding amount, the feeding density, and the pulsating frequency. Once you saw the saw-tooth wave water on jig, then it’s in good operating condition.
Spiral separator
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Spiral separator is also been called spiral chute, spiral separating equipment, spiral concentrator, spiral mining equipment, spiral processing equipment, spiral separating chute, spiral concentrating chute. The spiral separator has been widely used in iron ore mining, coal washing, black sand separating, fine coltan concentrating, chrome ore upgrading, gold tailing processing, garnet concentrating, rutile upgrading and etc. The spiral chute is made of Fiber Glass Reinforce Plastic, consisted of distribution tank, feeding funnel, collecting funnel, frame and the chutes. We get six model of spiral separator: 5LL-400 lab spiral separator, 5LL-600 lab spiral separator, 5LL-900 mini spiral separator, 5LL-1200 spiral separator, 5LL-1500 big spiral separator, 5LL-2000 spiral separator for coal. Spiral separator is our key product, we got 30 years manufacturing experience on it. The spiral separator do not need power to do the separating, only use the gravity and centrifuge force come from the relative altitude. For the assembly of the spiral separator, we could provide the English manual and video to make sure that our customer could assemble it by them. For the installation of the spiral separator, we need to assembly the spiral separator first, and then put them together, use PV or iron pipe to connect the funnels of spiral separator, lead the concentrate, middles, tailings separately to reserve tank or pond; and we need to put adding water to each colume, in case the water is not enough which will lead bad separating effect. For the operating of the spiral separator, feeding size and feeding density should be pay enough attention, make sure the size should be less than 2mm; and when operating, the slurry could spray to the edge of the chute, if not, adding more water. The maintenance of the spiral separator: We only need to use the adding water to wash the chute surface, which is very easy and convenient. Advantage of spiral chute: high capacity, easy installation, no power consumption, easy to operate, easy to service, wearing well.
Centrifugal concentrator
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The centrifugal concentrator is also been called gold centrifuge, gold centrifuge machine, gold centrifugal concentrator, centrifugal separator, gold recovery centrifuge. This machine is mainly used in gold mining plant, especially for tiny gold particles recovery. This machine consisted of centrifuge cone, cylinder, water filter and pressure meter, concentrate discharge pip, tailing exhaust pipe, motor and belt, bearing and shaft. The belt is wearing parts, when it’s not tight enough, then we need to change it; while the cone could last about 1 and half years; the bearings is also the same. The installation of the centrifugal concentrator is easy, we only need to find a place level it, and then put concrete to fix it, connect it with pressure water and power. Please notice that the pressure water should be clean in order to protect the water filter and make it last longer. For operating the centrifugal concentrator, the feeding size is very important, the feeding size should not be over 5mm, or the big stones will block the concentrate pipe, and also damage the seal, lead to water leaking. The best feeding size is bellow 1mm, which could gives the best concentration ratio. And we should also pay attention to the pressure water, if the pressure is not enough, the separating will not good; and when the pressure is too high, the water will wash the gold out, it’s also not good.
Trommel scrubber
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The trommel scrubber which is also been called trammel scrubber, rotary scrubber, drum scrubber, washing scrubber, rotary washing machine, drum washing scrubber, drum washing machine, rotary washer, rotary washing scrubber, mud washing machine, mud washer, rotary washing equipment. It’s get different types, such as scrubber, scrubber with trommel, and sand washing scurbber. There are two series: mobile scrubber and stationary scrubber, and 7 models: 400 mini scrubber, 600 small scrubber, 800 scrubber, 1000 scrubber, 1200 scurbber, 1500 scrubber, 2000 scrubber. Most of our trommel scrubber is customized scrubber, manufactured according to the GB standard, and normally our own standard is much higher than the GB. The trommel scrubber is one of the most popular mining machines, which has been widely used in alluvial gold wash plant, coltan & columbite washing plant, tungsten washing plant, tin & cassiterite washing plant, black sand processing plant, manganese washing plant, granite washing in quarry, sand washing plant. The trommel scrubber consisted of feeding hopper, washing drum, driven system and mobile system if it’s mobile series. All the parts material are high end quality ones, the iron board is from Bao iron company, the electric motor with IP56 water proof standard, the driven tires are rubber solid type, the trommel screen are high hardness manganese iron, stainless steel or PU screen.
Magnetic separator
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Magnetic separator is also been called, magnetic concentrator, magnetic separating machine, magnetic separating equipment, magnetic mining machine, magnetic mining equipment, high intensity magnetic separator, dry magnetic separator, drum magnetic separator, cross belt magnetic separator, belt magnetic separator. We got two type magnetic separators: dry type magnetic separator and wet type magnetic separator. The wet type magnetic separator normally is low intensity for magnetite. The dry type magnetic separator gets four series: belt magnetic separator, drum magnetic separator, roller magnetic separator, cross belt magnetic separator. Only the drum magnetic separator is low intensity, other series are medium or high intensity magnetic separator. The wet type magnetic separator get three models back flow wet magnetic separator, semi-back flow magnetic separator, and down-flow magnetic separator. The magnetic separator is used to separate the minerals which could be attracted by the magnet, such as magnetite separating, hematite upgrading, black sand processing, ilmenite concentrating, chrome ore upgrading, tungsten refining, coltan concentrating, columbite separating, rare earth concentrating, rutile refining, zircon purifying, and etc. The cross belt magnetic separator could get a magnetic intensity as high as 20000 gauss, and because its magnetic intensity could be adjusted, it could do most of the magnetic separating work. How to choose the right magnetic separator: first, you should do enough test about your target ore magnetic intensity, then consider which type processing you will need, dry type or wet type; finally you need to consider the capacity you want.